Whats a Good Blackjack Strategy?

There are many different strategies you can use to win a game of Blackjack. Though casinos don’t approve of it, card counting can be an effective strategy for winnings. Many players have found success by counting cards, much to the chagrin of the casino they frequent.

The most common type of card counting in Blackjack, and the easiest one to learn, is medium card counting. There are strategies that are more effective and less effective than this one, but this strategy has worked for many players. The Zen Count is a style of counting cards that players often use. It involves subtracting one for an ace and two for a ten. It also involves adding one to a two,three or seven and adding two to a four, five, or six. Using the Zen Count requires a great deal of concentration throughout the game. Hard counting is a similar strategy but involves several players working together to make it happen, as it cannot be done by just one player.

The basic strategy that most Blackjack schools teach is easier to use than any card counting strategy. This strategy involves splitting 8s when a 10 is in play and hitting a soft 18 with an ace, 9 or 10 in the hand. Players that are involved in a game of Blackjack for an extended period of time often find that this is the best strategy for winning.

One strategy that now has limited use is shuffle tracking. The reason for this is that shuffle tracking involves paying close attention when the game dealer shuffles the deck of cards. However, many casinos now have machines that shuffle the deck of cards for them. When the dealer shuffles a regular deck of cards players must note the sequence of the cards being dealt. The idea is to keep an eye out for clusters in the deck. Paying attention to this aspect of the game can even help players turn the house edge in their favor. Like the basic strategy, shuffle tracking works best when a player is in the game for an extended amount of time.

In addition to counting cards, using the bet increment strategy in conjunction with it can help players win more money. This strategy simply states that if a player is on a winning streak they keep increasing their bets and if they are on a losing streak they keep their bet consistent.

These strategies can all be practiced by players over time. While they are the best blackjack tips to use, many Blackjack players are very superstitious and will simply follow their gut feelings when it comes to making strategic moves in the game. They also implement their perceived good luck charms. Though this is not a strategy for winning, it often helps encourage players to stay positive about their chances of winning. A combination of the above strategies is often the best approach for winning any game of Blackjack in a land based casino.

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