Online Blackjack

There are many options for those who wish to play Blackjack online. In addition to nearly all land based casinos offering the game, it can also be found on general gaming sites across the Internet.

One of the reasons that people enjoy playing Blackjack online is that they have more choices in types of Blackjack games than they would at a land based casino. Many online casinos and other gaming sites offer versions of Blackjack such as Fun 21, Blackjack City, Puzzle, 3D, Maniac and more. Some versions of Blackjack are easier to learn than others, meaning that every player can find one that they are comfortable with and can enjoy.

Not everyone can legally play Blackjack online. Certain states and countries by law do not allow their residents to play the game online because online gambling is outlawed in many locations around the world. In the United States, residents are permitted to play Blackjack online provided they do not bet real money on the game.

Since US players are not permitted to gamble real money in a game of online Blackjack many websites have been created specifically for them to play it for free.

What Is Online Blackjack?

Online Blackjack is a convenient way for people all over the world to play one of the most table games found at any casino. There are many online casinos and gaming websites that offer players various versions of the game to choose from.

Blackjack Versions Available Online

The versions of Blackjack available at online casinos include classic, Atlantic City, Premiere and Double Deck Atlantic City, European, Double Deck, Premium and HighHand Blackjack.

Classic Blackjack: The classic version of Blackjack online uses eight decks of cards with 52 cards in each deck. In the classic version of the game the dealer will never have a hold card. Dealers are required to hit on a soft seventeen hand.

Atlantic City Blackjack: In the standard Atlantic City version of the game, which also includes eight decks of 52 cards each, the dealer gets a hold card right away and it is then their job to check the cards to see if there is a Blackjack in the hand.

European Blackjack: Unlike the classic and Atlantic City versions of the game, in the European version six decks of 52 cards each are used. Much like the classic version, European Blackjack does not allow the dealer to have a hold card but does require them to hit anytime the hand includes a soft seventeen.

Double Deck Atlantic City Blackjack: This version of the game is identical to the classic version with one difference; in Double Deck Atlantic City Blackjack only two decks of cards are used.

HighHand Blackjack: This version of the game is found at select online casinos. As a multiplayer version of the game, HighHand has a twist to it that other multiplayer Blackjack games don’t. There is a mandatory bet for all players in this version called the Pot Bet Wager. Those playing the game create the pot themselves and a new pot is started and given to a lucky player at the end of ever hand included in the game.

In HighHand Blackjack the goal is for a player to not only win their hand but achieve the highest hand of every player in the game. If one is playing HighHand Blackjack by themselves they are not required to place a Pot Bet Wager. At any time during a player’s game, if another player joins the game the original player as well as the new one must place Pot Bet Wagers to stay in the game.

Online Blackjack Hands

Much like Blackjack in any land based casino, online Blackjack includes a hard hand and a soft hand. A hard hand is defined as any pair of playing cards that does not include an Ace card. The justification behind referring to this type of hand as a hard hand is that having them means there is a chance a player will go bust. This is where the game starts to get complicated for some players. Using the definition of a hard hand in a game of Blackjack, a player that has a two card and a three card is taking a risk in the game due to the total value of the pair of cards. So while on the service the hand may seem like a hard hand it is seen as a soft hand during gameplay because it will never lead to a player having to bust on the next hand.

The definition of a soft hand is one in which any pair of cards contains an Ace. This is great for players because they don’t have to risk their game regardless of the value of the next card drawn. There is no higher value soft hand in online (or offline) Blackjack than an Ace and a nine.


One of the most common topics that come up in any discussion of online Blackjack is one’s probability of winning. One of the reasons so many people enjoy playing Blackjack online is because there are a large number of variances that affect the probability of the game’s many possibilities for winning. The versions of the game that are most popular with players are the ones with use the most decks of cards because they also bring with the most complex probabilities a game of Blackjack can include.

Smart Blackjack players know how to turn probabilities into wins. Many players enjoy the fact that Blackjack is such a straight forward game because they don’t have to deal with guesswork. Using guidelines based on math, it is easy for online Blackjack players to embrace the probability of the game and use it to devise a winning strategy. Deciding in advance what to do on every hand helps players relax and enjoy the game and gives them the confidence they need to be successful.

Online Blackjack Live Dealers

While most online casinos offer automated Blackjack games many also offer live casino Blackjack in which players can communicate with each other and with the dealer at their virtual table.
A game of Blackjack played live online is meant to be as similar as possible to the experience of playing the game at a land based casino. However, not all of the factors of playing Blackjack at a land based casino be used in an online version.

When playing online Blackjack with a live dealer, players have one shot in front of them that show them the table. In a separate shot streaming video is made available so the player sees their game dealer. The videos are never pre-recorded, but are always live so that players can ask the dealer a question or get advice on their strategy.

There are certain countries in which those who play Blackjack online are not permitted to play with a live dealer. In those countries, players will see a pre-recorded video of a game dealer as opposed to a live stream of one.

Betting Limits In Online Blackjack

All land based and online casinos have betting limits in place for their Blackjack games and they enforce these limits. Both types of casinos are required to post a sign stating what the minimum and maximum bid at that game table is. High rollers will find that even in online casinos, the minimum and maximum bids are much higher for them than for cheaper players.

While those who play Blackjack at land based casinos may be able to get permission from the pit boss to place bids higher than the casino allows, online casinos rarely give permission for any player to exceed their maximum bid. The minimum and maximum amount a player can bet on a hand of Blackjack varies from one online casino to the next.

Online Blackjack Software Providers

Certain software companies provide online casinos with the programs they need in order to offer their players Blackjack games. One of these software providers is Evolution Gaming; the company created four different online Blackjack games for average players and two VIP tables for high roller players.

Global Gaming Labs has created one software program to enable online Blackjack play with a live game dealer. However, the company created an online Blackjack game that up to seven players at a time can participate in. Their version of the game includes an 8 deck shoe. Players are not permitted to surrender or split a hand. Any two cards or Ace can be doubled in this version of the game; however, aces can’t be split. Microgaming created a similar Blackjack game found at many online casinos.

Playtech is a well- known software company that has designed five versions of Blackjack in which players can interact with a live dealer. Unlike the other software providers used by online casinos, Playtech also created Unlimited Blackjack, which is now referred to as Ultimate Blackjack. This game stands out from other versions of online Blackjack because it can support an unlimited number of players for each game.

One of the newest software companies to create an online Blackjack game is Visionary iGaming. In addition to a standard version of online Blackjack the company created Early Payout Blackjack. This version of the game gives players the option of using whatever strategy they would normally use or taking a payout early in the game if they are performing well in it. Early Payout Blackjack can be played by an individual or as many as seven people at once.

Using Bitcoins to Play Blackjack Online

A new type of digital currency called Bitcoins is now being accepted by some online casinos for their Blackjack and other games. No matter where in the world a player lives they can exchange their currency for Bitcoins.


Online Blackjack is an extension of the classic casino game that people all over the world have come to know and love. With so many versions of it and so many casinos that make it possible for people to play it from home, online Blackjack is enjoying more popularity than it ever has before.

Gamblers that used to save up their money to travel to land based casinos for the purpose of playing Blackjack are turning to online casinos as better alternatives. In addition to being able to play at home, many online casinos have mobile friendly versions in which casino members can play their favorite game of online Blackjack from their smart phone or tablet. This added convenience has caused many players who used to casually participate in the game to play it on a more regular basis now.

There are many online resources where players can go to learn simple rules and strategies for Blackjack. These resources are helping an entire new generation of players get to know the game. People now have the ability to practice their Blackjack skills without having to be intimidated at the thought of playing against those who are more experienced.

Players sometimes have the option of enjoying a game of online Blackjack for free, as some online casinos allow them to use casino credits with no real monetary value. This also helps players in the United States and other countries where playing online Blackjack for real money is illegal.

Many online casinos run frequent Blackjack tournaments for their members. Tournaments at an online casino usually require a buy in, but players will find they are generally cheaper buy- ins that one would find at a land based casino. Online casinos also run VIP clubs and programs where players have access to special tournaments that non VIP players can’t enter.

As online Blackjack continues to grow in popularity an increasing number of casinos are implementing 3D and live dealer versions of the game. This has helped online casinos to attract new players, as many people who enjoy table games prefer Blackjack over any other. The future of online Blackjack may grow exponentially as new players discover it.

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